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Traction Hoof Boot

Wanna race? This new tread pattern is likely to revolutionize turf and arena sports--and make some folks happy who like to trail ride in mud, snow, and sand. Hopefully available soon in the Easyboot Glove and Glue-On, it features a domed sole to maximize "bite," while keeping the profile as compact as possible. This boot tread is designed to resist clogging, so that the horse doesn't have to carry the weight off the dirt, and so that each step gets the traction advantage of a clean tread. Optional studs can be nipped off if not needed.

Workshops 2014

Ivy and Pete are hitting the road in the summer of 2014. They plan to tour the US teaching small (8 horse, 15 person) practical workshops to horse owners and professionals.


We are starting to post workshop dates and locations (more to come soon) and sign-up is now open. Only 5 guests per workshop, so don’t think about it too long. As they fill up, keep an eye on the schedule for new workshops to pop up. More

New Research from Auburn University

Clinical Outcome of 14 Obese, Laminitic Horses Managed with the Same Rehabilitation Protocol


A specific method of rehabilitation was used to manage obese horses with laminitis, and clinical outcome was evaluated after 5 to 20 months. Clinical data from 14 similar laminitis cases were statistically analyzed to evaluate response to rehabilitation. Data were analyzed using repeated measures or logistic regression methodologies. Each horse presented as obese and laminitic with no history of a systemic inflammatory disease. The rehabilitation method emphasized a mineral-balanced, low nonstructural carbohydrate diet; daily exercise; hoof trimming that minimized hoof wall loading; and sole protection in the form of rubber hoof boots and/or hoof casts. Distal phalanx alignment within the hoof capsule was significantly improved, and hoof wall thickness was significantly decreased (P < .0001) following treatment. Solar depth was significantly increased (P < .0015). Reduction of palmar angle measurements was detected in acutely and chronically affected horses. This treatment effect was statistically greater for horses with chronic laminitis than for horses with acute laminitis (P interaction < .0001). Horses were 5.5 times more likely to be sound post-treatment than before treatment. Daily exercise, dietary modification, and removal of ground reaction force from the hoof wall were foci of the rehabilitation program. Hoof care and husbandry as applied to these horses may be an effective method of rehabilitation of horses from obesity-associated laminitis.  Link to entire paper


P3 and P2 Development

While equine researchers continue to laugh at the idea that increased movement may play a part in development of the foot, bovine researchers are stepping up to the task. In this study, the size of P3 and P2 was increased by allowing more movement on rocky terrain for four months. More

Digital Cushion Development

Once again, researchers in the dairy industry have stepped up to the challenge of studying foot development. The control group of calves was kept in a small enclosure, while the treated group was walked two miles daily. More

Auburn Study: Caudal Foot Evaluation

Predictive modeling of the equine heel

Recently it has been proposed that healthy soft tissue structures of the equine heel play a primary role in equine soundness. Historically, little attention has been given to the significance of the health of the equine heel soft tissue structures, which are uniquely positioned so as to provide support and protection to the navicular apparatus. More

New (2013) Articles by Pete Ramey

written for Horseback Magazine. Links to online version of magazine and copies on this site here.

Ultimate learning experience for horse owners and professionals:  http://www.nolaminitis.org/

Starting with the April '13 issue, I will be writing a monthly Q&A piece for Horseback Magazine.

Dressage Today article

Important research project needs your help now!

Check out these hoof boot stats for the Tevis Cup

(the world's best known and most difficult equestrian endurance ride).Easyboots at Tevis Congratulations everyone!

American Farriers Journal Book Review

We posted some reviews of the new book here and the Introduction (including Bare vs. Shod discussion) here.

New book Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot available for immediate shipment.

Well, the new book is finally done.

Color hardback, 8 authors, designed for veterinarians, farriers and trimmers- detailed focus on laminitis and caudal foot pain. Read outline at: Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot  Pre-sale open for November shipment.

Sure to be an excellent equine nutrition clinic:

 http://www.nolaminitis.org/first-annual-no-laminitis-conference August 5-7 2011

New DVD set Donkey Hooves: Inside and Out

New caudal foot study/poster from Dr. Taylor

Updated statistics from Dr. Taylor with 26 horses in the laminitis study

New DVD set In The Trenches

New article10-01-10 Hoof Care in the 21st Century?

New 2 disc DVD set That's My Horse #3

New 3 disc DVD set That's My Horse #2

3D Reconstruction poster AU

Adam Cooner LC/DC study at AU PowerPoint presentation. Special thanks to Easycare for funding this project!!! This is a very important step towards studying and evaluating LC and DC development in live horses. Cool and informative 3d MRI and CT models. (Use left and right arrows to speed up or slow down transitions and animations) (slide #25 is a great animation that few computers can play for some odd reason- sorry) Dial-upers and dinosaur jockeys beware: This is a BIG file. write-up in development

New 3 disc DVD set That's My Horse #1

Hoof Rehab Protocol in the 'Articles' section

Ivy and Pete Update Auburn U case documentation

Great new thrush tool!!!

We just finished a new DVD set Tools of the Trade.

It features detailed demonstration of tool selection and care, shoe pulling, knife sharpening, nipper sharpening, glue-on boots, hoof casting, impression material, epoxy work and padding.

The "Under the Horse" DVD set has been approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB RACE) for 20 hours CE Credit for vets and vet techs (testing and critique of the course also required to complete CE requirements)

You've gotta see this: Peripheral loading ouch!


"I am currently taking a series of online equine nutrition courses from Eleanor Kellon, VMD www.drkellon.com .

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am and how much I'm getting out of it! Anyone who is responsible for taking care of horses should join me over there!" Pete

A very special "Thank you" to the American Farriers Journal for their wonderful review of our DVD series in the May/June '08 issue

See what Hoof Professionals and Horse Owners are saying about our DVD series

Under the Horse http://www.hoofrehab.com/underthehorse.htm

Important new wild horse research needs your help. Note from Chris Pollitt and Brian Hampson's site www.wildhorseresearch.com

"Must read"  laminitis paper!


Updated radiographs from the horse in Disc 10 "Road to Recovery"

Front right March 07

Front Right October 07

She's very happy and comfortable

The DVDs are here and being shipped out now!

New articles posted 8-17-07

"Hoof Care for Angular Deformities"

"Wall Cracks"

Read this! http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=10256

Laminitis induced by high insulin levels!

New paper from University of Queensland will finally make the entire world place primary focus on diet and exercise for preventing and treating laminitis. See  Laminitis Update  in the "Articles" section on this site.

Check out this video from Joe Camp; the creator of Benji and The Soul of the Horse. This is Paddock Paradise at its best!

Very nice and concise article every horse owner should read: thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=9587

The two day clinics meet the requirements for 20.00 hours of continuing education credit

for veterinarians and 20.00 hours of continuing education credit for veterinary technicians in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB's RACE approval program, including California.

No more clinics....

We are going to focus on research and writing a textbook. We'll probably go back on the road eventually, but after our last scheduled clinic (November '07), we are going to stay in Georgia for a while. If you want to host a hoof clinic, contact the members at www.americanhoofassociation.org

Each of the professionals listed there are teaching private mentorships and are offering clinics.

Study www.safergrass.org and watch these new videos. Great help for horses everywhere.


 Akiko Yamazaki topped the adult amateur Prix St. Georges aboard Matrix. Photo by Lisa Slade.

Congratulations Matrix, Akiko, Sossity, Mario and Easyboot Gloves! They swept the Prix St. Georges and are National Champions.


Congratulations Garrett, Fury and Easyboots-

Haggin Cup Winners!
And in 2011 and 2012...

And 2013...

And 2014...

Left hand knife, right hand knife and a hoof pick; all in your hand at the same time!

Hand made; one at a time. $150 Contact the knife maker directly: www.solidrockknives.com

Saddle Fitting from A to Z

Saddle fit can make or break your horse's performance, health, even hooves. Here's a video your horse needs you to see.

The Soul of a Horse

Joe's new book is destined to make this world a better place for horses. Pete

See what people are saying about it on You Tube!

I started giving my old rasps to one of my customers. Check out the beautiful knives he's making out of them. The diamond pattern is left after grinding away most of the rasp teeth. Get one of your own by emailing him at wfechols@gmail.com