Under the Horse
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16 Hour Hoof Rehabilitation Series




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Under the Horse


“Throughout this series Pete maintains a light instructional tone, using direct language to deliver clear and precise instructions. He is obviously a master of the subject, yet maintains a modest style, repeatedly reminding us he is always learning, most often by listening to other hoof care professionals and by paying attention to the horses themselves. Some clinicians who are engaging and personable before a live audience can appear uncomfortable and awkward when performing alone before a camera. Pete is at ease and casual-neither unrehearsed nor overly staged. A large variety of clear and descriptive photos, drawings, and exhibits make his classroom sessions less tedious that they might otherwise be.”


“This program is intended for both hoof care professionals and horse owners who are serious about their horses’ feet – and we all should be, for so much depends on hoof health. Whether or not you subscribe to natural shoeless hoof care, you will benefit from spending time with Pete Ramey as he explains how horses can grow healthier hooves.”                                             View Entire DVD Review

Joe Mischka  

Rural Heritage Magazine



 "Pete Ramey’s set of DVD’s is without a doubt a must-have series for any equine professional farrier or horse owner. While he is an advocate of barefoot trimming, there are many ideas that you can learn from this package regardless of how you trim and shoe horses. In these 10 DVD’s, Pete Ramey spends 16 hours covering topics ranging from basic anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, laminitis, navicular issues and problem feet. All are discussed in a clear, no-nonsense approach.
This series is filled with detailed information that all equine professionals can use. Everything is explained in such a way that everyone can benefit from Ramey’s knowledge and learn new ways to unlock tremendous healing powers from the horse’s hooves. It focuses on the ability to demonstrate the steps that are needed to drive a pathological hoof toward a healthier state. A combination of contemporary veterinary research and practical real-world field work will help viewers arrive at sound protocols that can be put to immediate use with any horse.
In 9 hours of classroom instruction, you’ll learn about the mechanics of trimming and how to effectively bring positive changes to the hoof over time. You’ll also develop a deep understanding of the internal hoof structure and see how it impacts a horse’s performance.
Following the lecture portion, you’ll view 7 hours of trimming on live horses suffering from a wide range of hoof concerns. This includes assorted breeds, a foundered mule and a draft horse. Finally, the DVD walks you step-by-step through an emergency call with a laminitic horse suffering from a 20-degree rotation. You’ll evaluate the trimming and progress during a number of visits with this laminitic horse.
Pete Ramey offers wisdom and insight that his years of practice and study have given him. If you own only one shoeing DVD series, this should be it."

American Farriers Journal May/June 2008 issue



“Pete Ramey is my hero! He is why all of our horses are barefoot and healthy. He is much of the reason for the existence of my book The Soul of Horse. He cares so very much about the horse and proves it daily by how much time he spends researching the complex internal workings of the horse’s hoof and the myriad factors that affect its health. And substantiating that research on the horses in his care. In his new DVD series, Under the Horse, Pete lays every bit of it out for us. You will understand how and why the hoof works like it does, why so many domestic horses have lameness issues when virtually no horses in the wild do, and what can be done to create a hoof for your horse like the one he’d have if in the wild. Pete’s easy style is engaging, clear, even entertaining and all the more powerful because he was once a shoeing farrier. He will bring you to the understanding that every horse is different so no prescription can be generic. But he will give you the tools and insight to always know what your horse needs. If you’ve ever doubted the fact that horses do not need metal shoes and are in fact better off without them, please see this series. Pete will convince you otherwise. In my humble belief, whether or not you ever intend to trim your own horse’s feet, Under the Horse is one of the most valuable and user-friendly compilations of knowledge, research, and insight for improving the health and lifespan of your horse that exists on the planet.

Joe Camp Author Producer and Director of the Benji movies and Books as well as the author of his eagerly awaited upcoming book Soul of a Horse



I can't thank Pete and Ivy enough for putting together such an informative series for natural hoof care. It's light years ahead of anything else I've seen out there. I have learned more in a few hours from watching the videos than I have in the past four or five years in trimming horses. I bought Pete's Book over a year ago also others from other prominent natural hoof care professionals but the DVD's filled in a lot of the pieces of the puzzle. I have been trying to go to Pete's hands on clinics for awhile but never could arrange the time with the place. I'm a BWFA certified farrier making the switch over to natural Hoof Care. I've been making a lot of mistakes out there with the traditional training I received. I got into this to help horses so hopefully I'm on the right track. Thanks again for all the hard work and for sharing this information with the horse industry.

I thank you, my horses thank you and my customers horses will now thank you.

Your friend in hoof care,
Jerry Ferg



I have finally got through watching all the DVD's and am ready to start all over again. They should be compulsory viewing for all horse owners, barefooters or otherwise. The DVD's on laminitis were excellent. Pete has a way of putting the complexities in a simple and understandable form. All the scientific papers can be so tedious to wade through, and he has done all the hard work for us.

The Road to Recovery DVD was particularly valuable to watch. I honestly feel I can move forward with my 6 horses and see even more improvement in the future. Thankyou once again from Downunder.

Best wishes,
Kelly Crombie
Metung, Victoria, Australia



I just completed my second viewing of Under the Horse. I think Pete Ramey should get the Nobel Prize for helping horses everywhere! Disk 10 alone is worth the price of the whole set... I was so pleased to see that sad little horse start to lick and chew around week eight... Ivy has done a wonderful job of keeping focus on the hoof. Many farrier videos show the farrier instead of the foot! They also fail to get good close-ups as Ivy does. I know how hard it is to direct on the fly. Every horse owner should have Under the Horse!
Thank you for a fine job... Have a productive and happy new year...
Best Regards
John Darlington


I believe the biggest advancement in the equine industry has been the education and proven benefits of keeping horses barefoot.  Pete Ramey has been one the forefront of this powerful movement and has taught clinics all over the USA and many foreign countries.  Pete’s two day clinic are an incredible experience and give horse owners the background and experience necessary to take their own horses to a healthier lifestyle.  Pete has summarized his two day clinics and knowledge of the barefoot horse in the “Under The Horse” DVD series.  The 16 hour DVD series is an incredible resource for both the horse owner and hoof care professional.   The DVD series is a must buy for all horse owners wishing to give their equine partners a healthier and more enjoyable life. 

Garrett Ford

EasyCare Inc. -Owner



As a professional hoof care practitioner, it is my responsibility and passion to continually strive to educate myself and others on the anatomy, physiology, pathology and biomechanics of the equine foot.  In pursuing this lifelong journey I have traveled all over North America and have invested considerable time, effort and expense in furthering my education.  If you are committed to learning how to unleash the healing forces in the horse's hoof, I can highly recommend Pete Ramey's DVD series "Under The Horse" as a "college education" in hoof care.  Hands down it is the most cost effective hoof education available today.

Sue Mellen

Whole Horse Hoof Care



This DVD series is a “must have” for anyone in the horse world.  Pete takes very technical/scientific information and explains it in a way that will make sense to anyone.  Having Pete in my own living room anytime I want is very helpful to me and my clients. Best of all, this information will help thousands of horses live healthier and happier lives. 

Cindy Meyer

Founding Member of AHA

Certified Hoof Care Provider

Carbondale, CO



I have found the DVD series to be the most in depth and down to earth educational tool on the market to date. I would recommend it to all hoofcare/horsecare professionals as a source of reliable, real world information. I also recommend that horse owners get it to learn about the horse and hoof. 

Chad Bembenek

Triangle P Enterprises LLC



The DVDs are the best out there and I am recommending unreservedly. I can’t say “Thank You” loudly enough- you guys rock!
Adriane Schaeffer

Natural High Performance Hoof Care



My husband bought me your DVD set “Under The Horse” for Christmas this year and I would just like to thank you so very much for such an information packed DVD set at such a reasonable price....    ...I never imagined I would get so much out of the DVD’s. You have done an outstanding job explaining absolutely everything you have packed in there and yet doing it in a way that some how has simplified things. I guess once you give the whole picture it makes way more sense. Thank you for being so down to earth, so natural, so very informative and best of all so willing to share your knowledge. I had thought when I got your DVD’s it would be only for people interested in trimming horses hooves but it is so much more than that. I think every horse owner should watch your DVD’s.

Yours Naturally,

Kim Rienks



It has been 5 years since I took responsibility for trimming my own horses. The journey involved training with many farriers, attending lots of seminars, reading many books, dissecting lots of equine feet some domestic horses and a few Australian brumby feet...... ........The icing on the cake was receiving your Hoof Trimming DVDs last week. I locked myself away for 14 hours and watched every disc (my husband thought I was quite mad when I emerged with bleary eyes) and planning to repeat the excercise again this weekend.

I am involved in writing and presenting training modules in my occupation and I would like to congratulate both Ivy and you on the fantastic job you have done on the DVD's. There are going to be some very happy barefoot trimmers who live in other countries

King regards
Deborah Benstead Queensland Australia



I got the DVD's and watched them all. I have to tell you that I am very impressed. The series is extremely informative. I feel I've learned a huge amount. I've been trimming my horses for almost 4 years now and have had pretty good results, but still haven't gotten away from the need for boots on rocky trails. Now I know what I need to do to fix that.
Thanks again and regards to all of you,


I wanted to give you some feedback on the DVDs. They are GREAT! I have learned so much I can hardly even explain. I have a good grasp on hoof anatomy and traditional theories, and frankly this just plain makes more sense.




I already order, received and viewed Pete's DVD series - they are WONDERFUL!!! Please tell him "THANK YOU" for all his hard work and dedication to help our horses and educate us horse owners.

Barbara Knapp



The information is great and will be very, very valuable for me and my horses. I just started learning to do my own, so this is a God send to me!!!!!!

Tell Pete and Ivy this is a great contribution to helping horses and the humans who are in their lives.
Have a great weekend.
Nancy Fredrick
EasyCare, Inc



Just to say I am only on dvd 4 and wanted to say how much I am enjoying them. I have been working as an equine podiatrist for a few years and have really enjoyed the concise manner and thoughtful approach -




I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you people for this DVD set, the book that preceded it and the website articles.  Great information and just so practical.  It has given me the knowledge and confidence to trim my horse when I couldn't find a farrier who would even express optimism regarding improving my horse's feet - (contracted , high heels).  I have achieved more in the 8 months I have been trimming him than anyone thought possible.  He now lands heel first, his heels are spreading and best of all he just looks so comfortable.  I have learnt not to worry about the heel height as I can see he is not yet ready to be lowered any further.  I just have to keep him moving as much as possible and this will sort itself out
eventually.  So empowering!  Keep up the great work.  My horse and I are exceedingly grateful.  Can't wait for the new book!
from Adelaide, South Australia