Under the Horse
10 Disc DVD series

16 Hour Hoof Rehabilitation Series




Disc 1 (classroom/wild horse video footage/photos/cadavers)

Introduction: Why?

Lessons From the Wild: A look at free roaming horses and their hooves. What can we learn from them? An introduction into reading hooves and trouble shooting for problems.

Hoof Boots: Fitting Hoof Boots and padded insoles. When and how to use them.

Disc 2 (classroom/cadavers/photos/case study)

Soles: Reading sole thickness. Seasonal/terrain variables. Sole maintenance. Why proper treatment of the sole is a top priority, and the best way to "see" the internal structures of the foot.

Frogs: Discussion of function, maintenance, trimming and trouble shooting.

Bars: Discussion of function, maintenance, trimming and trouble shooting.

Disc 3 (classroom/cadavers/photos/case study)

Heel Height: Probably the most critical of trimming subjects: Discussion of heel height and balance. What is natural; how when and if we get there. Priority must be placed on impact mechanics; not standing mechanics.

Hoof Walls: Discussion of function, maintenance, trimming and trouble shooting. How to grow in a well connected, healthy hoof wall.

Disc 4 (classroom/new research/photos/video footage of equine movement/case study)

Foot Development: Importance and development of digital cushions, lateral cartilages, frog corium and why this effects everything we do with hooves. A lack of development of the internal structures in the back of the foot is directly related to most hoof problems, including laminitis, navicular disease and the most common form of hoof sensitivity. When the back of the foot is sensitive, the horse will "toe walk", which wrecks the hooves and the entire body.

Navicular Disease: What causes various types of navicular change/pathology, and how to trim/boot/pad these horses. Prevention!

Disc 5 (classroom/new research/photos/cadavers/wild horse video footage)

Laminitis 1: Delivery of research from veterinary and human medicine. Study the attachment of hoof to horse and equine digestion. How the diet can disrupt lamellar integrity. Pasture and forage management. Feeding laminitic horses.

Disc 6 (classroom/photos/case study)

Laminitis 2: More mechanical considerations for laminitic horses. The importance of exercise. Trimming and booting.

The rest of the discs are "under the horse":

Our favorite thing about this DVD Series is the volume of live trimming. We show a 'token' maintenence trim or two, then dive right into the toughest cases we could find. We're showing the nasty, the unusual, the challenges and how we deal with them. 11 horses and a mule, each with different problems to address.

Disc 7 (live trimming, discussion and booting)

Hoof Maintenance: Live trims on 5 horses with minor hoof problems. Thrush and wall flare treatment. File photos of the previous condition of an upright foal, a foundered horse, and horses with thin soles and weakness in the back of the foot; then live trims and discussion of the hooves today.

Disc 8 (live trimming, discussion and booting. Shoe pulling)

Problem Hooves: Live trims on 4 horses with severe hoof problems: Foal with negative palmar angle P3s. Thin soled laminitic horse with disconnected walls. Pull shoes, trim, pad and boot a horse with severely under run heels-watch an 11 degree heel angle change in 30 minutes. Pull shoes, trim, pad and boot a foundered horse with subsolar abscesses.

This is clinic footage; not professionally filmed, but the most unusual cases seem to pop up when our camera man is in another state. Rough footage, but you’ll see Pete think his way through some complicated cases.

Disc 9 (live trimming, discussion)

Foundered Mule: More rough clinic footage. See a dramatic hoof reduction on a severely overgrown, foundered mule.

Draft Horse: Maintenance trim on a Percheron plow/carriage horse. Special considerations for a hip problem.

Disc 10 (live trimming, discussions)

Road to Recovery: Go with us on an emergency call from a local veterinarian. Severe lameness/chronic laminitis in all 4 feet with 16 to 29 degree "P3 rotations" and almost an inch of distal descent. See the setup trim and booting. Then watch each trim over the next 20 weeks as we grow in well connected walls, move P3 higher in the hoof capsule and stop needing the boots for comfort/protection. Watch the horse move before and after each trim, plus rolling discussion of everything we’re doing and why.

"The rest of this story" (after 20 weeks) is being completed for you on a new/hidden page on our website, including follow-up radiographs with 0 rotation and probably a complete reversal of the distal descent of P3. This page will also include future updates to the DVD Series. The link to the page is provided at the end of Disc 10.

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