In the Trenches
5 disc DVD set

The Big, the Bad and the Ugly

Chronic Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, L.O.F. Disease (Lack Of Farrier), Impossible Boot Fits, Bring Me The Saw, Non-Compliant Horse Owners: The stuff no one wants to work on with a camera rolling.

 Disc contents:

 Disc 1

Case 1- Long-term maintenance of a horse with 40-50% of P3 missing/eroded

Special considerations for reading severely distorted feet (external indicators and radiographic discussion/comparison)

Trimming/breakover placement when a large ‘ski-tip’ is present on P3

Frog migration

Thrush treatment

Heat fitting Easyboot Gloves to severely distorted feet

Fitting pads in boots

Boot sole modification

Discussion with horse owner about when/if to euthanize a horse

Note: This case will be very useful for practitioners discussing the future for long-term founder cases with P3 remodeling.


Case 2- Setup trim on a flared, thin soled, weak footed horse

Pulling shoes

Simple, straightforward boot fit (Easyboot Glove)

Discussions on angular deformity

Discussions on chiropractic and sports massage

Note: Hear Pete’s typical discussions with horse owners switching from metal shoes to bare/boots


Disc 2

Case 3- Club Foot with bilateral “navicular syndrome” diagnosis

A horse that Pete could never get completely barefoot

Discussions: Long-term glue-on boots vs. metal shoes w/ pads???

Pulling shoes with clips (individual nail pulling)

Trimming a rotated foot

Lamellar wedge

Easyboot Grip fitting

“When to boot” discussion

Slow motion toe-first impacts

Equicast application

Heat fitting a Glue-on hoof boot

Glue-on boot removal

Follow-up trims over time

Interesting discussion with horse owner: What is it worth putting a horse through- in the name of rehabilitation? Trainer doesn’t like the boot gaiters.


Case 4- One-shot-deal. Large trim on a severely overgrown, laminitic horse

Introduction to L.O.F. Disease

Dietary shorthand discussions with uninterested owners

Using a hand-saw on foundered walls

Severe quarter flares

Trimming hooves on the ground

Easyboot Glove fitting


Disc 3

Case 5- Recently seized rescue horse

Classroom: hoof capsule rotation

Reading distorted hooves in the field

Heel trimming for rotated hoof capsules

Follow-up pix


Case 6- Recently seized recue horse

Chronic laminitis x L.O.F. Disease

Trimming feet on the ground in a standing horse

Using a hand-saw on foundered toes

Fitting Easyboot Gloves with Pads

Follow-up pix


Case 7- One-shot-deal “Rescue Horse”

Trimming severely overgrown, flared hooves

Rolled-under heels

Easyboot Glove fitting


Disc 4

Case 8- Distal descent (sinker) reversal

Reading rotation in the field (with comparisons to radiographs)

Reading sole thickness in the field

Reading vertical sinking in the field (with comparisons to radiographs)

Growing out rotation/reverse sinking (before and after radiographs)

Dietary discussions

Humorous discussion with horse owner about non-compliance

Mineral supplementation and balancing

Switching over from a laminitis trim to a maintenance trim!!!

Fitting Easyboot Epics with Pads

Detailed discussion/demonstration on heel balancing

Follow-up video and trims over time


Case 9- Bilateral navicular horse setup trim

Excellent navicular discussion with owners

Special considerations in heel trimming

Caudal foot palpation- Evaluating LCs and DCs

Heat fitting an Easyboot Glove to a flared foot

Half-sizing Easyboot Gloves

Padding the navicular horse

Boot sole modifications (breakover and heel rockering)

Environmental considerations

Writing note/pix/diagrams/instructions for attending farrier and vet

Frog treatment

Opening/treating wall infections (field and classroom)

Working in concert with another farrier


Disc 5

Case 10- Recently seized rescue horse

Trimming a recumbent horse

Instruction on holding a horse down (in recumbent position)

Using a handsaw on neglected hooves

Evaluating heel balance and angles in the recumbent horse

Telling a horse owner there is no hope for recovery

Euthanasia discussions

Radiograph discussions including vertical sinking, rotation, lateral cartilage calcifications, assorted calcifications, lamellar wedge, lamellar “thickening”, ski tips and P3 erosion

Follow-up trimming

Trimming the foot on the ground

Special considerations when considering heel height on chronic laminitis cases

Heel rockers and breakover for chronic laminitis

Note: We dramatically improved this horse’s foot comfort and overall well being, but he was eventually euthanized for chronic hip/sacral pain. In spite of that, this case still provides a mountain of educational opportunity.


Case 11- Chronic laminitis

Deep dietary discussions

Mineral balance discussions

Grazing muzzle fitting

Trimming the foundered foot

Recognizing the difference between sole and lamellar wedge at ground level

Easyboot Epic/Pad fitting

Boot sole mods

Equicast application

A slap in the face…

Watch Pete go to war, fire the customer, face being beaten to death… Risk all to make the customer understand the importance of dietary restrictions. And see the dramatic results at the horse. This one Disc will be loaned out to hundreds of non-compliant customers!