Our book, DVDs, and the articles on this site are designed to add to the body of knowledge of hoof care professionals and horse owners. For comprehensive schooling (from the ground up) we highly recommend enrollment in the Equine Sciences Academy. You can find their information at

Need more? To find peer-reviewed professional help in you area, or if you are professional trimmer/farrier seeking certification, visit


Great trimming and booting clinics in the Midwest and Texas, plus a network of hoof professionals covering the area http://www.mackinawdells2.com/


Based on the west coast of the US, but quickly spreading east and abroad, the training and certification organization, Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners is producing some top-notch hoof care providers http://www.pacifichoofcare.org/

In Australia, contact a practitioner certified by the ACEHP http://australianhooftrimmers.com/  


If you still can�t find help in your area, try the Easycare dealer locator http://www.easycareinc.com/Search/Dealer.aspx . These practitioners aren�t vetted in any way, but there are some very talented ones on the list that are not associated with any groups or organizations. Use your own discretion.